But a Day From Home – Part Two

But a Day from Home – Part 2

The dawn was rosy and chill, especially for summer, with the mists rising off the lake and the birds just beginning to stir and sing. But the boat was terrifying.

Well, not the boat itself, because it was just a plain, sturdy rowboat. It bobbed innocently near a pier that extended into the shallows of the lake. The thought of getting into the boat with three big people–four, now that she thought of the ranger who would man the tiller and guide them to the destination Beldrieth had set, a place called the Eavespires–that was what was terrifying. Now that she thought of it, she’d never actually been in a boat herself, per se, but growing up with a family who ran an inn, she spent her evenings working in the Common Room, and her days appropriating the stories that their guests told for her own personal daydreams. So some traveler, somewhere along the line, had told some story of a boat, and Brassica had told herself that it would be a fantastic adventure.


Welcome from CSTM!

Hello, anyone who’s joining me here via A Casual Stroll To Mordor’s very kind referral! You’ve caught me at the very beginning of sorting out my blog. As it’s my very first blog, and I’ve got a fair bit of content to shuffle around, perhaps not everything is obviously where it should be. So until I’m certain it all makes sense, here are a handful of things that may interest you.

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Parts 1-6 – The original story which ran on CSTM, if you’d like to give it a reread, or if you’re seeing it for the first time.

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Author’s Notes – My notes on the original story from CSTM–have any questions? I’ll be delighted to answer them here.

But a Day From Home – Part 1 – The first part of my new story!

Thank you again for joining me, and I hope you like what you find here 🙂


Outfitting Brassica

I love outfits. I am passionately fond of outfit blogs, Cosmetic Lotro, The LotroStylist, and LotroFashion particularly. The sharpness and style of all of the presentations that outfit bloggers has always been tremendously appealing to me, and I’ve dressed many of my toons in many of their outfits.  I’ve also admired the effort and technical mastery that goes into screenshotting and presenting all the creations they come up with–good screenshots are hard to take!


About Brassica!

Well, not that there’s much to be told about her–yet, anyway. This post can be find in dropdown menu for the about page, and in future it’ll be joined by brief biographies of my other toons/characters. For ease, here’s an additional link:


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But a Day From Home – Part One

But a Day from Home – Part 1

It had been embarrassing, when they had first rounded the path to the High King’s Crossing, the statue of the tall, pale king had loomed on the bridge, and Brassica had gaped at it, incredulous. Of course…well, of course she’d known that the path that curved through the gleaming white dunes had to go somewhere. All paths went somewhere. But in her mind, the road had always ended where it curved around the hill on the horizon, and that was as far as the thought had ever been taken. A day’s ride–hardly a day’s ride!–from Dwaling was something bigger than she could even have imagined. The embarrassing part was that none of her companions seemed even to notice, until they noticed her gaping.


Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Notes

The idea of mixing up elves and hobbits was the biggest one for me, when I started to actually think about putting pen to paper and write about my toons. In LotR and The Hobbit, the focus is mostly on Hobbits and Men, and Hobbits and Dwarves, respectively. Of lesser importance are the ancient bonds between the Elves and the Race of Man, and the mild (sometimes not so mild) enmity between the Elves and the Dwarves. Hobbits and Elves are kind of the polar opposites of the spectrum, and I wanted to see what they were like when put together.


Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part Six

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part 6

After leaving his sister on the banks of the Brandywine, Dill had run through the dark of the night, darting from shadow to shadow, imagining goblin cries on every breath of wind. He arrived outside his Uncle’s house panting, and feeling as though his lungs were on fire. Only briefly regretting the lateness of the hour and the fact that he’d be waking everyone up, he grasped the handle of the bell outside the door and rang until his hand was numb. The hobbits who emerged intent on giving him a sound telling-off were quickly enlightened as to the nature of the situation, and formed a search party, made up of his Uncle Hob, a gaggle of cousins, and the two or three apprentices who’d come up to learn the glass-blowing trade. With Dill at the head, they’d tromped off into the gray half-light of the late watches, brandishing torches and stout cudgels, and grumbling about it was just like Brassica to drag them all into such a foolish escapade, and especially Tookish that she’d do it when any sensible hobbit ought to be in bed.


Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part Five

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part 5

Looking around the bank, now that it was decided that they would be attacking the goblin encampment, Beldrieth frowned. “You should not stay here,” she cautioned. “I mean to let none escape us, but if they should, I do not want to risk driving them straight into your little camp. Although,” she cast an eye over the goblin corpse in the grass and then looked at Celebarad meaningfully, “clearly they are less dangerous to you than they were to an Elf without the sense to keep his wits about him when wandering a strange wood.”

Standing up herself, so as not to feel quite so small compared to the three big-folk who towered over her, Brassica picked up the silver knife from where she had dropped it in the grass when Beldrieth had appeared. “That was mostly luck, ma’am…if I hadn’t had this, he’d have skewered me for certain.” Still a little shy around Celebarad, particularly now that he stood at twice her height, she offered the knife back to him once more, holding it gingerly by the blade.


Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part Four

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part 4

Brassica tightened her grip on the knife hilt, and lifted it to strike at the hand that scrabbled at the riverbank, when a voice called softly from the darkness outside the halo of light and safety cast by her fire.

Hold, halfling,” came the command, quiet but firm, and Brassica whirled around to the sight of the second elf she’d ever seen in her life. This one had approached from the north, the same direction Dill had left in, but Brassica hadn’t seen or heard her coming until she reached the small circle of firelight. In her slender hands was a bow, an arrow notched on the string, but undrawn. (more…)

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part Three

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Part 3

Perian,” the elf whispered, and even though he spoke softly, the sound of a voice so near her ear snapped Brassica from her dreams and into wakefulness.

She rubbed her eyes and squinted up to see the moon was higher than it had been when she’d last closed them. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep, and looked around hopefully, thinking that perhaps Dill had returned, but he was nowhere to be seen. A little discouraged, she sat up and shifted to sit next to the elf, wondering what he wanted. “Perian, yes. Me. What’s wrong? What can I do for you?”

He didn’t appear to understand, but once he had her attention, he looked pointedly around the little hollow where they rested, and then pointed to her again. “Tad. Tad perian. Halfling. Man sad lin mellon?”