Outfitting Brassica

I love outfits. I am passionately fond of outfit blogs, Cosmetic Lotro, The LotroStylist, and LotroFashion particularly. The sharpness and style of all of the presentations that outfit bloggers has always been tremendously appealing to me, and I’ve dressed many of my toons in many of their outfits.  I’ve also admired the effort and technical mastery that goes into screenshotting and presenting all the creations they come up with–good screenshots are hard to take!

Anyway, as mentioned in her About page, Brassica is the first and only hobbit I’ve ever rolled. And dressing her is hard. When I decided that I needed screenshots of her to add some colour to the otherwise text-heavy endeavour that is writing about your toons, I despaired of finding something that made sense on Brassica, and just stuck her in a common tunic/pants, and wrote it off as the sort of thing that a tomboyish innkeeper’s daughter would wear. The outfits that work well and make sense on my elves (who, honestly, bear the brunt of my cosmetic flights of fancy), just don’t fit on Brassica, neither in terms of her story nor in terms of style. So, I got in touch with the generous proprietors of all three of these blogs, and Frey of LotroFashion was kind enough to point me in the right direction in terms of what makes sense for a hobbit warden.

Here is a link to her post on the subject, and again, a heartfelt thank you to her for her help! And here’s a screenshot of my own It’s a little ahead of itself in terms of the story, but consider it a little hint of what’s to come 😉

Look! Tomb robbers!

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  1. it was so nice working on an outfit for Brassica, and i can’t wait to read the adventures she’s had wearing it! :))

  2. love the outfit 🙂 I really enjoyed your story via CSTM and have now found your site – looking forward to getting to know Brassica 🙂


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