That’s Better, Bel.


Lovely, sure, but not practical in the least.

Bel kinda doesn’t do dresses. I mean, do dresses. Sort of. I mean, as the player, I put the dresses on Bel. Speaking for myself personally, I am not the world’s biggest fan of dresses, and would probably resent having them put on me by external forces beyond my control. Point being, Bel’s little about page has a picture of her in a dress, and while it’s very lovely and does fit an aspect of her character and her yet-to-be-revealed backstory, it’s not what she runs around Eriador in.

That said, while I’m a big fan of my toons looking good, I’m actually a little bit timid about putting outfits together. I certainly don’t have the same sartorial gifts that the outfit bloggers do, and I lean on them heavily for inspiration.  Particularly inspiring for Bel, especially after the aforementioned About Page, was a post I reblogged from the Starry Mantle. I still have a hard time getting my head around medium-armour toons in heavy-armour. I still habitually think in terms of the cosmetic system before it was tweaked to allow toons to slot items that they didn’t have the proficiency for. Honestly, it’s another unfortunate truth (a la Brassica’s raison d’etre) that the guard was only leveled because I wanted a particular pair of heavy shoulders for Llythne. So I’m a little funny about heavy armour. I don’t object to the idea at all in principle, in fact, for Beldrieth it’s particularly perfect. But it wasn’t an idea I’d had on my own, I needed to see it done in order to make the connection for Bel.  So, here it is!

There was actually a big ol' night time rainbow happening in the other direction. I felt it interfered with the whole thing XD

About the most subtle pose I can capture in my screenshottery as it stands now.

I’m pretty pleased! She’s wearing the elven iron set from Rivendell as a base, dyed Olive. It was the option I ended up going for after having to admit to myself that I just couldn’t make the grey dye featured in the outfit on the Starry Mantle work with my monitor’s gamma, or something like that. Which is a shame, because the combination of grey and silver was my favourite feature on the Elven War-Bow outfit, a problem further exacerbated by the fact that NOBODY on my server seems to be crafting anything from the Malledhrim set. Well, I’ve always quite liked olive dye, and if Bel has colours, they’re green and gold. The boots are a leather set of the Westernesse variant, the gloves are a medium Isengard quest reward, and the shoulder piece is from the Mirkwood burg set. The quiver is the Sturdy Elven/Caras Galadhon quiver.  Optionally, and not pictured, is the light armour hood that drops from the Isengard 3-mans, and which I’ve forgotten the name of. I also have to find a cloak that she can swap in and out for the quiver, because I like the imagery of Bel in a cloak. I think I’ve properly captured both the ruggedness and practicality of what she wears, along with the slight concessions towards Elven elegance. Anyway, I’m happy! And this is Bel, as she’s meant to be pictured. That’s another wonderful thing about writing lotro, it’s possible to have constantly evolving character art and concepts. As I get better at and work on my screenshot techniques, I hope to have more illustrations of my toons and their adventures.

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  1. This looks great, I love it with the burglar shoulders! What’s great is that the gold trim on the shoulders looks perfect paired with the quiver that you used, which also has gold trim. Thank you for running with the idea and modifying the outfit to suit Beldrieth, it’s very flattering! 😀


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