By the Road Abandoned – Part Four

By the Road Abandoned – Part 4


Whatever her opinions were about waybread, Brassica proved to be more than familiar with the way around rabbits, and had expertly dressed them with salt, honey, and some peculiar blend of herbs she’d acquired from the Ranger’s stores. She had eyed Beldrieth’s quiver of arrows speculatively, before thinking better of it and assigning Celebarad to go and cut her some stout sticks, which she had then directed Llythne to sharpen them into spits. When this was accomplished, she had skewered the rabbits expertly, propped them over the fire, and then proceeded to fuss and cluck about them as they roasted, until she deemed them worthy to be served, and they were dished out to the party, with chunks of tough dark bread, and a flask of pale, fiery wine that Torogethir had been saving for just such an occasion.


Hello, Free Peoples Press readers!

Pleasure to have you all! I’m always so delighted and bewildered by traffic spikes, and it’s been very humbling to be linked consistently by the Free People’s Press. If you’re here for the first time and are wondering just what I do here, my about page and welcome post linked on the sidebar to your right explain my deal pretty well.

If you’re passing familiar with that, then I’d be glad to direct you to the index of the stories about my toons so far, ordered as follows:

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit  Parts 1-6 and Notes

But a Day from Home Parts 1-10 and Notes

And of course, the newest piece And the Echoes All Around  By the Road Abandoned of which the first three parts are posted, and the fourth can be expected most likely over the weekend.

If I still have your attention so far, then I will reward you with this amusing comic about Llythne and her bear hat, mildly NSFW for language:


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Heirs of Durin is a great central location for news of the Hobbit movie, wonderful lotro vids, and fantastic tales about Freryn the Dwarf! is a wonderfully fresh insight on the game, I love that the author is a fellow treasure hunter and festival nut, and his speculations are always endlessly occupying.

And finally,, really great, well researched info about the game and its easter eggs! A great way for any hardcore or new Tolkien fan to begin to understand the real depth that goes into the series.

And if you are still with me, then I would just like to thank you for reading this far, both this post and the blog at large, whether you’re new or have been with me from the beginning 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed what I put out, it’s been such a pleasure to have a foothold in the community at large, both in game and out. Comments and likes are always greatly appreciated! Thank you again for giving my little blog an audience 🙂

By the Road Abandoned – Part Three

By the Road Abandoned – Part 3


Only a hobbit, Llythne had concluded, could go on at such lengths on the merits of waybread, as it was made by the elves as compared to the Dunedain. By this point, the burglar had forgotten how they’d actually came to be on this particular topic, but it was shocking just how much Brassica had to say on the subject. Further to the point, only a hobbit could find flaws with the elvish preparation, and been staunchly certain that she could improve on it, if given the opportunity.


I Am Incapable of Being Responsible With Medallions

Being the leisurely, lore and quest-oriented type player that I am, I’ve only recently (and at 75, no less! for shame!) discovered the whole “In Their Absence” series of instances. I’ve done all of them now, even managed to wangle my way into an Ost Dunhoth run, despite not being a person of the raiding persuasion, having fairly abysmal virtues, and DYING A LOT when I got inside, completely oblivious and unprepared. The mini who bullies me into going along with her on these things should be slapped. Oh, but who am I kidding, I’ve always had fun.

Anyway, the upshot is, for the first time, I found myself with a disproportionate number of Medallions on the Northmen, and, because Bel and Llythne are both capped at this point, and the Guard has already been more or less committed to the set out of Mirkwood, I went a little bit hog wild with the unexpected surfeit of Medallions.

A kinny of mine was bit by a similar bug, and geared his champ in the full OD set, exclusively for cosmetic purposes. And I got jealous. Because he looks fantastic. Originally I was only after the burglar chest piece for Llythne.

This would be an appropriate time to employ the phrase "DA-YAAM, GURL."

This achieved, I felt quite justified, because at the time, the Burg was only just pushing 71, and could actually wear and benefit from said chest piece! If I recall rightly, she wore it right up to 74. I had judiciously meted out 120 meds from my growing store, and still had a very satisfying pile left to sit on.

Then the Great River dropped.

Now, the problem with the Great River is that it has pretty quest rewards. I don’t know where they all come from. But, as Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro noted in this post, they’re breathing new life into old PvMP gear. And that suits me just fine and dandy, because I am entirely too big a coward to ever venture out into the Moors. So, the hood featured in the above post became an object of some obsession for me. And wouldn’t you know it, that pale gold accent colour goes just perfectly with the stunning pale gold that’s sort of the colour theme of the Ost Dunhoth set.


In my defense, I did go to my little pile of Medallions of the Northmen, and I did the math. And I said, “you know what, I can send the Guard out to Harndirion, and he can pick up the chest piece for his set. That way he can have some options. And I can pester a friend of mine, and I can make him haul his cappy out that way, and summon the RK over there, and Celaeglas can get the legs for his set. Because, you know, some day, maybe he’ll see 65, and boy, he’ll sure be glad he has those pants then. And hey! You know what, I even have enough left over for some of those nice legacies of agility an–OHMYGOD THE CAPPY SHOULDERS ARE AMAZING.”

There was no justifying the cappy shoulders. I haven’t got a cappy. I didn’t even go and half-heartedly roll one to try and give myself an excuse. I just sat, and I agonized for about a minute, and then I dumped the last of my sad little pile of medallions onto a pair of heavy shoulders, which will now sit in Llythne’s vault (along with the Warden chest piece from Helegrod, my last piece of “omg HAVE TO HAVE IT” cross-class armour), and be a reminder of the fact that I am not a responsible person.

But, anwyay, this was the result.

She even matches the REEDS. I'm getting better at screenshots!

Eh? I’m really proud of how good she looks! The gloves need tweaking, but isn’t she just lovely? I can’t even be modest about it, I’m so pleased with the way it came together. The guard received the same treatment, in a fit of regret, brought on by the spot formerly occupied by the nice big pile of medallions.

You know, I didn't think I'd like giving the guard a big ol' hammer. He only has this one because it's a 2nd ager that dropped in GS. But actually, I kind of like it.

Some slight variations in his case, featuring the heavy gloves rewarded by another quest out of the Great River, and the RoI preorder boots, which I have just been absolutely in love with for just about forever. He’s also gone a bit broader on the shoulders, with the Pauldrons of the Swift Arrow out of Ost Galadh, because he can wear them without drowning in them like Bel does. He’s pictured here sans cloak, but he’s wearing the hood-down version of the Cloak of the Galadhrim, again, via the Great River.

So there, now you’re all privy to my very bad decision making. But hey, my toons are pretty, anyway.

By the Road Abandoned – Part Two

By the Road Abandoned – Part 2

The sun had reached its zenith when Brassica began to suspect, with growing horror, that Beldrieth didn’t intend to stop for lunch. In point of fact, Brassica was beginning to realize that she’d never really made any proper observation of what the elves ate. There had been food in Tinnudir, certainly, and the Duendain had shared it around most generously, and if the fare was simple, it was still hearty and Brassica had greatly enjoyed it. But now that she really thought about it, she didn’t recall that she’d particularly noticed either of the elves eat anything. Celebarad, of course, had been making himself scarce, but Brassica couldn’t call to mind any memory of having seen Beldrieth eat anything. They must eat…surely they must, because the elf Lithuinin on the island of Rantost had given her several of his little cakes. And besides which, they had been at the breakfast feast in Dwaling, and surely they would have tucked in to an excellent and marvelously prepared spread, such as the one her kinfolk had provided. And yet…so far the only notion of food that had crossed anyone’s mind had been when Celebarad’s mount had strayed from the trail behind Beldrieth and wandered into a stand of blackberry bushes, because the elf had gotten it in his head to pull out his book, and try to read while riding. Brassica found herself glaring enviously at the elf’s horse, jealous of her few munched mouthfuls of berry bush.


By the Road Abandoned – Part One

By the Road Abandoned – Part 1

The morning was bright, and clear, and the gold of the sunrise over the lake promised a beautiful summer day. They had passed a few days on the shores of Lake Evendim, but now they were to continue their journey eastward, and cross into the North Downs. Brassica was assured that there were Rangers to be found in this region as well and as she now bore a seven-pointed silver star pinned to the mantle about her shoulders, she would be known for a friend. There was a sense of determined industry about the Ranger camp of Tinnudir, and as she finished making the last check through her pack to ensure she had everything, Brassica found herself saddened by the thought of not being a part of it any longer. There was a nobility about their cause that it was impossible not to admire. The Dunedain had fed her and clothed her, and helped rescue her from the hands of the brigands who roamed the land. She had heard their stories and learned their history, if only in a tiny part. Enough to realize that she had lived her whole life–indeed, all of hobbit kind had lived their whole lives–in peace and safety, for which they were indebted to the guardianship of the Dunedain.


Let’s Learn about Celebarad!

…you and me both! Because, while granted, he’s more fleshed out in my head than otherwise, there’s still a lot I need to invest in his development to come to a full resolution on what exactly his deal is. I know a lot! And what I do know, I’ve outlined on his page, accessible via the handy link on the right hand sidebar, or you know, here:

As a wee bit of trivia that I neglected to mention in the actual about page, his name sort of means “Silver Tower”, you know, as much as any of my bastardized, pigeon Sindarin means anything. Those are the two words I rammed together to get his name, for no particular reason other than I liked the sound of it.

He is a silly toon.

what. what. why are you doing that. that is so silly. you are silly. who makes you do these things.

But a Day From Home – Notes


Fight with the Brigand Captain

The funny thing about this one was that it didn’t really have a solidly established plot until I started writing it. Well, and even then, it just sort of went where it wanted to. I certainly wasn’t planning on Brassica getting hobbit-napped. I think initially the thrust of the thing was going be about meeting the Elves in the Eavespires, which was the reason Beldrieth and Celebarad were heading to Evendim in the first place. But elves are a bit boring, and there’s that darn Ent up in the Eavespires, and I didn’t want to deal with him. (more…)

But a Day From Home – Part Ten

But a Day from Home – Part 10

Once the whole of the tale had been told, and the Rangers realized that they had come out looking rather badly in it from Brassica’s perspective, they became extremely gracious towards their diminutive guest. It had taken a rather stern lecture on the hobbit’s part to make it clear to the Dunedain that it was bad form to assume that their guests were spies, and especially bad form to keep them waiting when they’d been kidnapped by bandits. After that, she was privy to all manner of courtesies, and her next few days on the shore of the lake were filled with a variety of occupations at the hands of the gruff, but strangely decorous men of the North.


But a Day From Home – Part Nine

But a Day from Home – Part 9

Beldrieth’s business in the Eavespires had not been of a serious nature. Truly it had been more of a social call, made on behalf of the Lord Glorfindel of Rivendell, who had inquired after an old comrade who he had believed to have passed into the West. And so Beldrieth had sought Erchiel on the other side of the lake, and found her in the company of her husband. Though she had declined to return to Rivendell, declaring herself weary of war, and well-deserving of the peace she had sought at the edge of the wild, Erchiel had been glad of the company of another Elf in her small glade. So with Llythne’s consent, Beldrieth had sent the Ranger had accompanied them back across the lake on his own, in favour of returning to Tinnudir in the morning, and spent the night speaking of old battles and friends long lost to time.