Let’s Learn about Celebarad!

…you and me both! Because, while granted, he’s more fleshed out in my head than otherwise, there’s still a lot I need to invest in his development to come to a full resolution on what exactly his deal is. I know a lot! And what I do know, I’ve outlined on his page, accessible via the handy link on the right hand sidebar, or you know, here: https://thehobbitsinthestories.wordpress.com/celebarad-of-lorien/

As a wee bit of trivia that I neglected to mention in the actual about page, his name sort of means “Silver Tower”, you know, as much as any of my bastardized, pigeon Sindarin means anything. Those are the two words I rammed together to get his name, for no particular reason other than I liked the sound of it.

He is a silly toon.

what. what. why are you doing that. that is so silly. you are silly. who makes you do these things.

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