Happy (Belated) Anniversary!

Here's our girl!

Well, no two ways around it, I’m a little bit late to the party! That’s okay. So! I think I’m about ready to call AtEAA done. That last part ended so well, it’s hard not to call it finished. Trouble is, I’m no longer ready to call it AtEAA. That was a title that applied to the original arc I had in mind, which went careening off the tracks and into the story you just finished. Thankfully no one was hurt. So, here’s my to-do list for the upcoming round of posts:

  • An About page for Llythne. She’s due! It’s important. I’m glad I finally started to explore her character and her backstory a bit, it’s good to have her a bit more solid in my mind.
  • Notes for the as-yet-to-be-retitled AtEAA. Wherein I will explain the original direction I had intended, and break down a few other bits and pieces about the writing of it.
  • A “deleted scene” if you will, or another, very short piece. This was a fragment that was already written, and was supposed to be the core of the previous piece. Again, got sidetracked. That’s something I’ve learned in takeaway from attempting to write a piece without a buffer of at least a few chapters–sometimes it changes on you midway through.
  • My fourth story, tentatively titled “Blithe the Days of Summer” We’re heading into Breeland! There was supposed to be a larger buffer in between Evendim and our next destination, but I’ve gotta be honest, there’s not a whole heck of a lot I need to say about Trestlebridge. What may happen, emphasis on may, because I’ve only just thought of this now, is a series of shorter vignettes about the journey south.  But we shall see.

So, my usual thanks to everyone reading, and I hope you’re all enjoying the anniversary festival! I certainly am. I picked up all the Moria maps, and am patiently waiting for the last 4 of the Eriador set. The toons are all doing well. Llythne’s been raiding, even poked her head into Saruman’s tower a couple times. Bel has cleaned up the Great River, is all but fully dragon geared, and she’s the toon I play if I want to do Roots of Fangorn. The Guard is lurking in Mirkwood and barreling towards cap, he’s 66 as of this writing, and geared in a mishmash of bits and pieces of various sets. Brassica just got her first set of masteries! It makes gambit building just a wee bit less daunting. And that’s how things stand for me! Thanks again to everyone reading! I hope to have more up in the not-too-distant future.

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