Here’s Llythne!

Hi Llythne! I was late in getting your character biography up! That’s okay. I did explain how to pronounce your crazy name. Well, that’s the last of the four, for now! I don’t think we see another character for a good long while yet, so my sidebar should be about fixed. I was quite pleased by the shots I took of the burg in the Fields of Fornost. She’s kind of sassy, and it’s hard to capture that in screenshots, but I think it comes across in all of these. Tragically, I’m going to need to theme and frame a new shot to replace the title image of that darn third story, which is going to be renamed to “By the Road Abandoned”. And the real “And the Echoes All Around” which was most of the way completed last night, will likely be up shortly, certainly over the weekend if not sooner.

Anyway, as per usual, here is a handy link:

Thanks again for reading!

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