Middle-Child (And a Nifty Cosmetic Trick)

There’s an explanation owing for why I’ve been a bit slower on the updates than I like to be, lately. There’s an unfortunately cyclic problem that crops up with lotro, wherein playing inspires me to write, and writing gets me itching to play. Both detract time from the other, and currently, playing is winning out over writing. Still, I’m not unhappy with my pace, and the mental machinery is still arcing out the story that looms ahead, so I’m not especially bothered.

However, it’s not any of my four regulars who’ve got my attention snared at the moment. A long time ago, and very improbably, I rolled a runekeeper. You perhaps recall him, he’s been mentioned in passing once or twice. He is the derpy looking individual featured in the picture after the jump.

Needless to say, I thought of him in rather ignoble terms.

I’m not sure I’ve ever even mentioned him by name. I called him Celaeglas, (Kehl-aeg-lahs, it means something like running-spear or swift point, though very, very loosely)and he was supposed to be the toon who got leveled with my sister’s tank. Well, we got to around level forty. Then my sister stopped playing, and the RK got parked, without much sorrow on my part, because I hadn’t the first idea how to play him, he was obscenely squishy, and I didn’t especially enjoy running around dying all the time, especially not after having leveled the guard.

It’s sort of sad, as reflected in the imagery above, how well I like a toon really reflects on how I think of them. At the time, I was not especially fond of the RK. I thought his hair was dumb, but nothing else looked right. I thought his face was dumb. He was too broad-shouldered and not as lithe and svelte and elfish and Celebarad was, and I didn’t like that. I thought his class was dumb, I had no idea how I was meant to be managing my attunements and swinging back and forth between healing and battle.

But then a kinmate of mine rolled a guardian of her own, and began to power level, and an opportunity was born. We are both soloers. Commited soloers, in fact, I have only recently started to raid, and while I’m glad that I did, I sometimes miss the quiet single-mindedness that goes along with soloing a toon to cap. But, for the first time since I started playing, I had a toon who wasn’t equipped to take care of himself. Not in my hands, anyway, there was never enough time between the dying and the death to read my tooltips. But here, served to me on a silver platter, as I watched her rocketing through the levels like a rising star, was the solution to my problem. And I’m not ashamed to admit, I did some nagging. And some begging, and some pleading. And I harangued my guardian buddy into a duo skirm.

And now we’re edging up on 65, and we’re inseparable. I won’t bore you with the details of what the RK does. If you have one of your own, or you’ve played with one, you have an idea of how incredibly fine-tuned the class is when it’s well played. Suffice it to say, I finally got a glimmer of just what all the fuss is about. Golly, he’s powerful. I had no idea. And I like him now, and it’s time that was reflected. I roll some damn good looking toons, and it’s about time the RK got dressed like one of them.


I like outfitting. It’s how my leisure time gets spent in game, when I’m just chilling, but I pursue it with surprising intensity, to hopefully achieve some pretty spiffy results. I go to shocking lengths to make my cosmetic choices look snappy. The following is sort of a celebratory outfit, acknowledging all the things I thought I’d never do. My guard and I hauled ass through Moria, clearing the zone faster that I ever have, and yesterday we got out, both of us freshly level sixty. We skipped lightly over Lorien. We dabbled briefly in Mirkwood, but just today we’ve headed to Dunland. It’s been brisk. In spite of this, the RK has still been arrayed, more than once, in cosmetic gear that comprised elegant elvish robes and elabourate shoulder pieces, gilded cloaks and crowns, and for a while (until another kinny copied it from me exactly, and I had to move on to more unique threads) Hymne’s The Master’s Craft. He wore an outfit I featured on my twitter on the way through Moria, along with the Moria Cartogrophile title, on the grounds that I had promised my guard that I wouldn’t get us lost.

So now it’s Dunland. And I’m going to cap him. And I never thought that was going to happen, so it’s about time he had some gear that’ll look respectable at 75.

The fundamental pieces span three different gear sets. With the exception of the boots, none of it belongs on a Runekeeper. It’s rugged. He was geared like a prince through most of the leveling process. In fact, I splurged at the skirm camp, and got him the full Annuminas set for 55. He’s the first light armour class I’ve had, and eventually I came around to the idea that I wanted to treat him right. As I’d never had a caster before, and as both Llythne and Bel are unsuited to pretty-pretty-princess style dressup, the RK has been in more frills and bows than either of the ladies ever have. He wore them well, though, and he’s got a sort of nobility about him that made it okay.  But let me tell you, I love those boots. They’re the helegrod cosmetic, and not the first piece I’ve gone for from that collection. I remember before the skirmish system changed, when I looked at the hele sets, and knew despair. For all the whining that happens about the old raids falling by the wayside, I’ve worn the heck out of a pair of boots I’d never have gotten my hands on otherwise.

I never thought I’d see the inside of Ost Dunhoth. I’ve touched on that in the past, but I never thought I’d ever really be okay with blowing medallions on cosmetics, such as the hunter shoulder piece featured here. I still want the head piece from the hunter set, as well, to complete this look. But that’ll happen in time. I got those shoulders trying to make another outfit work, but I’ve been obsessed with them for a while. This is actually the only outfit in which I feel they look successful–I haven’t found anything else where they quite fit. I love the slight barbarism of them, with the feathers. I think they’re quite representative of the whole Dunland aesthetic. Savage couture!

I never thought I’d have the seals and medallions to spare on a purely cosmetic piece of instance gear. I hemmed and hawed for an awfully long stretch of time before I finally picked up the Gambler verison of the burg Instance Gear out of the Ox-Clan Camp. I was lucky enough to have skimmed past the full instance set, I know a lot of people who wasted meds/seals on the purple gear, when it just doesn’t measure up to either of the more applicable raid sets. Wasting meds is a luxury, and one I’m glad I indulged in.

Here’s the cosmetic trick I promised–based on another thing I thought I’d never do. I never thought I’d buy a cosmetic satchel. Not for the RK, of all toons, how silly that seemed, when I didn’t intend to play him. Couldn’t see the point. They’re undyable! They’re expensive! They’re…the only type satchels that could possibly match the set I’ve got going here. Now, here’s the trick. It’s a very niche trick, applicable only if you are A) A Rune-Keeper and, B) A treasure hunting fiend, who has acquired the little treasure hunter’s satchel, a nifty cosmetic from the treasure hunt, which sits in your back slot, but occupies the same space as an RK’s satchel. When the treasure hunt satchel is dyed and slotted in the cosmetic back slot of a Rune Keeper, the colour of the dye shows on the Rune Satchel. Up until recently, I’d only used it to preview dye colours on satchels, but lo and behold, it works on the undyable store satchels (most of them)! So if you look closely in the detail shots above, you can see that the satchel is in fact, grey, instead of that wretched turquoise colour! Hooray!

Anyway, this is what I’ve put together for Celaeglas. I think it channels the savagery of Dunland, while maintaining the elegance of his background. It makes him look strong instead of just hulkingly big for an elf. It pulls together elements of my other toons, and the classes that have influenced my playstyle. It indicates the fact that I’m serious about playing him, that he’s worth putting effort and investment into. It looks good, and I’m happy. And he’s going to wear it to 75, and probably for a long time after that.

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  1. Wow he is a very goodlooking lad indeed! I can totally fathom your thoughts when watching him cast his runes… 😉 Loved your story and absolutely adore his last outfit with the hunter OD shoulders. He looks sooo handsome!
    I think the satchel dye bug that came with U6 has been corrected in U7 again. At least it has for my female RK. I even believe that satchels from the Store can be dyed now, but I don’t own one so cannot check. The satchel bug was apparantly race-specific as it never affected my dwarf RK.
    Thanks for sharing the story, very inspiring!

  2. Great looking outfit! I love those shoulders too (I wants ’em). 😛

    So if I’m reading you right, slotting the Treasure-hunter’s Satchel (dyed whatever colour), which of course goes in the back slot, and then equipping an undyeable Store-purchased satchel in your RK’s cosmetic class slot allows the dye colour to show on the satchel? That’s awesome!!

    Or wait, just saw the end of Hymne’s comment, that Store satchels may be dyeable now. Either way, awesome!! 😀

  1. Stand my ground | Cosmetic Lotro

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