Hello! This is my LotRO blog. I like to write, and I’ve been passionately fond of Tolkien since childhood, and lotro provides an easier means to write in Middle Earth than just straight up Tolkien fanfiction. Or so I tell myself, anyway.

About me: I’m 23, and I hail from the frozen prairies of Canada. I like to cook, to read, to write, and to game. I have a cat called Oliver, and a husband abroad in the world. This is the place I plan to stick my LotRO fiction, I hope you enjoy it.

About my toons: I’ve rolled six toons in the quiet little corner of LotRO that is the Arkenstone server, and I’m part of the kinship Shadows of Eriador. If you’re here from Arkenstone and reading this, feel free to look me up in game, you’ll find me as one of the following:

Beldrieth – Female/Elf/Hunter

Llythne – Female/Man/Burglar

Celebarad – Male/Elf/Guardian

Brassica -Female/Hobbit/Warden

Celaeglas – Male/Elf/Rune Keeper

Rikballi – Male/Dwarf/Champion

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