Brassica Colewort

It's you Brassica!!

Our heroine.

About the Toon:

Brassica only exists because I like cabbage.

Well, there. I’m sorry, but it’s true. That’s her great big secret and I’ve got and spilled it right off the hop. In fairness, I do like Brassica just as much as I like cabbage. And I do like cabbage quite a lot. Well, cabbage and kale. And mustard, and brussels sprouts,and broccoli and cauliflour and a whole host of other members of genus brassica. And because when I went to roll a hobbit, the creation screen suggested that many hobbit names were taken from flowers and plants. And I went through an awful lot of already-taken plant and flower names before I hit on Brassica. Colewort followed naturally.

Brassica’s a bit unlucky, because I told myself I’d never roll a hobbit, and to this day I find myself extremely daunted by the Warden class, but I’ve gotten entirely too attached to her to even consider rerolling. And now, especially, I find myself feeling the obligation to play her.

I was pleased to discover that I made her a Fallohide when I rolled her, as it dovetails rather nicely with the lore she’s had established so far, before I even really began thinking about her backstory.

About the Character: Well, she’s a hobbit. There’s not an awful lot that gets said about hobbits. She was born and raised in Oatbarton. Her parents are Mustard and Anetha, who run an inn in Oatbarton called the Barley Water. Brassica grew up underfoot in the common room, until she was old enough to clear a table and fetch a drink. Her younger brother is called Dillweed. While she’s developed her fair share of notoriety around town, she’s really not that much more troublesome than your average hobbit youngster, the only difference being that coming-of-age has done very little to settle her down. She’s had to contend with the stigma that goes with being red-headed–but whether her nature is because of the red-hair, or merely because of what everyone says about it is a hazy point of distinction.

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