Hello, Free Peoples Press readers!

Pleasure to have you all! I’m always so delighted and bewildered by traffic spikes, and it’s been very humbling to be linked consistently by the Free People’s Press. If you’re here for the first time and are wondering just what I do here, my about page and welcome post linked on the sidebar to your right explain my deal pretty well.

If you’re passing familiar with that, then I’d be glad to direct you to the index of the stories about my toons so far, ordered as follows:

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit  Parts 1-6 and Notes

But a Day from Home Parts 1-10 and Notes

And of course, the newest piece And the Echoes All Around  By the Road Abandoned of which the first three parts are posted, and the fourth can be expected most likely over the weekend.

If I still have your attention so far, then I will reward you with this amusing comic about Llythne and her bear hat, mildly NSFW for language:


If this has freaked you out to the point where you’d like to navigate away, and quickly, then I’ll take this opportunity to point you in the direction of some blogs that I really enjoy, all located on the sidebar to the right, but most notably, my three current faves:


Heirs of Durin is a great central location for news of the Hobbit movie, wonderful lotro vids, and fantastic tales about Freryn the Dwarf!

http://lotrostrategery.wordpress.com/LotroStrategery is a wonderfully fresh insight on the game, I love that the author is a fellow treasure hunter and festival nut, and his speculations are always endlessly occupying.

And finally, http://lotrolorenuggets.blogspot.com/, really great, well researched info about the game and its easter eggs! A great way for any hardcore or new Tolkien fan to begin to understand the real depth that goes into the series.

And if you are still with me, then I would just like to thank you for reading this far, both this post and the blog at large, whether you’re new or have been with me from the beginning 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed what I put out, it’s been such a pleasure to have a foothold in the community at large, both in game and out. Comments and likes are always greatly appreciated! Thank you again for giving my little blog an audience 🙂

Let’s Learn about Celebarad!

…you and me both! Because, while granted, he’s more fleshed out in my head than otherwise, there’s still a lot I need to invest in his development to come to a full resolution on what exactly his deal is. I know a lot! And what I do know, I’ve outlined on his page, accessible via the handy link on the right hand sidebar, or you know, here: https://thehobbitsinthestories.wordpress.com/celebarad-of-lorien/

As a wee bit of trivia that I neglected to mention in the actual about page, his name sort of means “Silver Tower”, you know, as much as any of my bastardized, pigeon Sindarin means anything. Those are the two words I rammed together to get his name, for no particular reason other than I liked the sound of it.

He is a silly toon.

what. what. why are you doing that. that is so silly. you are silly. who makes you do these things.

Devonna Said Not to Take Screenshots at Night

…but I did anyway. And you know what, I think they came out pretty spiffy.

One of the most engaging things about writing about LotRO is being able to go in-game and recreate the scenes I see in my head. I’ve done a lot of writing as a hobby, and the thing I always wished for was to be able to see things with more than just my mind’s eye. It’s this sort of balance of drawing inspiration from what I see vs. being able to recreate what I have in my mind. I have character art. I have action scenes. I have a way to block out in my head the locations of various points that are relevant to the story, because they exist outside of my brain. And I can go and visit them, and refine what I’m producing. Of course, I also have the advantage of readers who are passing familiar with all the people and places I’m describing.

So, when it came time to write the fight scene between Celebarad and the Brigand Captain, I hauled his butt out to Evendim and went and bashed Percy Alroyd around Rantost a handful of times. Trouble is, Percy spawns with more than just a greatsword, and I am a perfectionist, so “a handful of times” is a bit of an understatement. And it wasn’t much of a fight, the guard having outmatched him by 20-odd levels, but it let me stick him on auto, and swing the camera around while fraps snapped a shot every second. Anyway, now that the big climax is out of the way, I can finally share these screenshots. I’m really pleased with the way they came out, and hope they’re a nice little insight into how that fight played out. And, actually, you know what, I think they’re the first real look anybody’s had of Celebarad, so far. That picture of him in the title image of BaDFH really doesn’t do him justice.

In Honour of the New Twitter Account…

…It would be really nifty to see #middlearthproblems in the twitters. You people really probably shouldn’t indulge me, I am entirely too silly to be permitted to exist. This post actually started out as me wanting to test out how gallery posts worked, but I’m rather pleased with it, so here it is! Middle Earth Memes! This is what happens when you spend too much time on the internet. I would love to see more of these! (hint hint)

Ah! This would be perfect for Bel! Can’t wait to put it together for her 🙂

The Starry Mantle

The Elves of Middle-earth are often associated with bows, and several notable Elvish archers are prominent in the tales that have come down to us from those times, including Beleg Cúthalion and Legolas of Mirkwood. Bows are an excellent weapon for a stealthy woodland warrior, but heavier bows are also powerful battlefield weapons.

This elven battle-archer is wields a long war-bow, beautifully carved from yew and painted silver and gold. She must have great strength to manage the bow’s heavy pull; indeed the bow is so mighty that she needs no other weapon, for she can wield it as a deadly club or stave should her foes approach too closely. For this reason she need not remain in the rear ranks and wears heavier armour than many other archers — a shirt of leaf-shaped iron scales. Her pauldrons and boots, too, are decorated with the likeness of leaves. Her hooded cloak is a soft grey, allowing…

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Welcome from CSTM!

Hello, anyone who’s joining me here via A Casual Stroll To Mordor’s very kind referral! You’ve caught me at the very beginning of sorting out my blog. As it’s my very first blog, and I’ve got a fair bit of content to shuffle around, perhaps not everything is obviously where it should be. So until I’m certain it all makes sense, here are a handful of things that may interest you.

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Parts 1-6 – The original story which ran on CSTM, if you’d like to give it a reread, or if you’re seeing it for the first time.

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Author’s Notes – My notes on the original story from CSTM–have any questions? I’ll be delighted to answer them here.

But a Day From Home – Part 1 – The first part of my new story!

Thank you again for joining me, and I hope you like what you find here 🙂


Outfitting Brassica

I love outfits. I am passionately fond of outfit blogs, Cosmetic Lotro, The LotroStylist, and LotroFashion particularly. The sharpness and style of all of the presentations that outfit bloggers has always been tremendously appealing to me, and I’ve dressed many of my toons in many of their outfits.  I’ve also admired the effort and technical mastery that goes into screenshotting and presenting all the creations they come up with–good screenshots are hard to take!