I Am Incapable of Being Responsible With Medallions

Being the leisurely, lore and quest-oriented type player that I am, I’ve only recently (and at 75, no less! for shame!) discovered the whole “In Their Absence” series of instances. I’ve done all of them now, even managed to wangle my way into an Ost Dunhoth run, despite not being a person of the raiding persuasion, having fairly abysmal virtues, and DYING A LOT when I got inside, completely oblivious and unprepared. The mini who bullies me into going along with her on these things should be slapped. Oh, but who am I kidding, I’ve always had fun.

Anyway, the upshot is, for the first time, I found myself with a disproportionate number of Medallions on the Northmen, and, because Bel and Llythne are both capped at this point, and the Guard has already been more or less committed to the set out of Mirkwood, I went a little bit hog wild with the unexpected surfeit of Medallions.

A kinny of mine was bit by a similar bug, and geared his champ in the full OD set, exclusively for cosmetic purposes. And I got jealous. Because he looks fantastic. Originally I was only after the burglar chest piece for Llythne.

This would be an appropriate time to employ the phrase "DA-YAAM, GURL."

This achieved, I felt quite justified, because at the time, the Burg was only just pushing 71, and could actually wear and benefit from said chest piece! If I recall rightly, she wore it right up to 74. I had judiciously meted out 120 meds from my growing store, and still had a very satisfying pile left to sit on.

Then the Great River dropped.

Now, the problem with the Great River is that it has pretty quest rewards. I don’t know where they all come from. But, as Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro noted in this post, they’re breathing new life into old PvMP gear. And that suits me just fine and dandy, because I am entirely too big a coward to ever venture out into the Moors. So, the hood featured in the above post became an object of some obsession for me. And wouldn’t you know it, that pale gold accent colour goes just perfectly with the stunning pale gold that’s sort of the colour theme of the Ost Dunhoth set.


In my defense, I did go to my little pile of Medallions of the Northmen, and I did the math. And I said, “you know what, I can send the Guard out to Harndirion, and he can pick up the chest piece for his set. That way he can have some options. And I can pester a friend of mine, and I can make him haul his cappy out that way, and summon the RK over there, and Celaeglas can get the legs for his set. Because, you know, some day, maybe he’ll see 65, and boy, he’ll sure be glad he has those pants then. And hey! You know what, I even have enough left over for some of those nice legacies of agility an–OHMYGOD THE CAPPY SHOULDERS ARE AMAZING.”

There was no justifying the cappy shoulders. I haven’t got a cappy. I didn’t even go and half-heartedly roll one to try and give myself an excuse. I just sat, and I agonized for about a minute, and then I dumped the last of my sad little pile of medallions onto a pair of heavy shoulders, which will now sit in Llythne’s vault (along with the Warden chest piece from Helegrod, my last piece of “omg HAVE TO HAVE IT” cross-class armour), and be a reminder of the fact that I am not a responsible person.

But, anwyay, this was the result.

She even matches the REEDS. I'm getting better at screenshots!

Eh? I’m really proud of how good she looks! The gloves need tweaking, but isn’t she just lovely? I can’t even be modest about it, I’m so pleased with the way it came together. The guard received the same treatment, in a fit of regret, brought on by the spot formerly occupied by the nice big pile of medallions.

You know, I didn't think I'd like giving the guard a big ol' hammer. He only has this one because it's a 2nd ager that dropped in GS. But actually, I kind of like it.

Some slight variations in his case, featuring the heavy gloves rewarded by another quest out of the Great River, and the RoI preorder boots, which I have just been absolutely in love with for just about forever. He’s also gone a bit broader on the shoulders, with the Pauldrons of the Swift Arrow out of Ost Galadh, because he can wear them without drowning in them like Bel does. He’s pictured here sans cloak, but he’s wearing the hood-down version of the Cloak of the Galadhrim, again, via the Great River.

So there, now you’re all privy to my very bad decision making. But hey, my toons are pretty, anyway.

But a Day From Home – Notes


Fight with the Brigand Captain

The funny thing about this one was that it didn’t really have a solidly established plot until I started writing it. Well, and even then, it just sort of went where it wanted to. I certainly wasn’t planning on Brassica getting hobbit-napped. I think initially the thrust of the thing was going be about meeting the Elves in the Eavespires, which was the reason Beldrieth and Celebarad were heading to Evendim in the first place. But elves are a bit boring, and there’s that darn Ent up in the Eavespires, and I didn’t want to deal with him. (more…)

Devonna Said Not to Take Screenshots at Night

…but I did anyway. And you know what, I think they came out pretty spiffy.

One of the most engaging things about writing about LotRO is being able to go in-game and recreate the scenes I see in my head. I’ve done a lot of writing as a hobby, and the thing I always wished for was to be able to see things with more than just my mind’s eye. It’s this sort of balance of drawing inspiration from what I see vs. being able to recreate what I have in my mind. I have character art. I have action scenes. I have a way to block out in my head the locations of various points that are relevant to the story, because they exist outside of my brain. And I can go and visit them, and refine what I’m producing. Of course, I also have the advantage of readers who are passing familiar with all the people and places I’m describing.

So, when it came time to write the fight scene between Celebarad and the Brigand Captain, I hauled his butt out to Evendim and went and bashed Percy Alroyd around Rantost a handful of times. Trouble is, Percy spawns with more than just a greatsword, and I am a perfectionist, so “a handful of times” is a bit of an understatement. And it wasn’t much of a fight, the guard having outmatched him by 20-odd levels, but it let me stick him on auto, and swing the camera around while fraps snapped a shot every second. Anyway, now that the big climax is out of the way, I can finally share these screenshots. I’m really pleased with the way they came out, and hope they’re a nice little insight into how that fight played out. And, actually, you know what, I think they’re the first real look anybody’s had of Celebarad, so far. That picture of him in the title image of BaDFH really doesn’t do him justice.

So, I live in the Lone Lands.

Eh? Eh? Well no, all right, not really. Tragically, I think I live somewhere even bleaker than the Lone Lands. But, they’re both places that are pretty in their own way, if you view them from an angle and catch them in the right light.

This is a bit of a throwaway post, to test whether I’ve linked my WordPress account to my twitter account correctly. I’ve been meaning to start a twitter account separate from my personal account, to spout all the randomness that I come up with about lotro. So, if Twitter is your thing, and you’d be interested, give me a follow! I love to blabber about the game, and I’d be happy to blabber @you!

Hmm, what else, what else can I say to make this post worthwhile. Well, here are some things:

  • First of all, a thank you to everybody reading so far 🙂 I hope I’m doing something that people enjoy. I tell myself that this is a blog that’s mostly just for me, and other people enjoying it is purely incidental, but it still warms my heart to see numbers on that hit counter.
  • I’ve made a few changes, recently, just tweaking appearances and such. Rendered everything down to a single sidebar, rather than divided between two, which I think is neater.
  • Went around and tweaked all my posts so that they truncate on the front page, instead of needing to scroll for six years to reach the bottom.
  • Corrected a problem where some posts had preserved the teeny tiny font that I write in a word processing program with. Hopefully things are more readable now.
  • Expect the seventh part of But a Day from Home very shortly. There are ten parts in total, and the last of them was finished yesterday, so they should trickle out over the next couple weeks, as well as a post of notes and other goodies. If anyone has any comments about the length of the pieces that it’s been broken into, I’d appreciate the feedback. Curiously, it’s not an awful lot longer than MCAH, but it was divided into almost twice as many segments.
  • Also in the offing, an about page and an outfit post about Celebarad, and then a third story.

Thanks again for reading! Cheers and take care,


That’s Better, Bel.


Lovely, sure, but not practical in the least.

Bel kinda doesn’t do dresses. I mean, do dresses. Sort of. I mean, as the player, I put the dresses on Bel. Speaking for myself personally, I am not the world’s biggest fan of dresses, and would probably resent having them put on me by external forces beyond my control. Point being, Bel’s little about page has a picture of her in a dress, and while it’s very lovely and does fit an aspect of her character and her yet-to-be-revealed backstory, it’s not what she runs around Eriador in.


What’s to Be Said about Beldrieth

Well, Beldrieth is my main, so there’s a lot to be said about her. I’ve nixed the dropdown menu on the top, so Bel’s about page will be available, along with Brassica’s, on the left bar over there. You know, provided I’ve done this right. Still working out the kinks in the whole blog thing. Oh, and fyi, being that she’s my main, she’s the toon you’re most likely to see me running around on in-game, so if you’re an Arkenstone reader and you spot me in game, feel free to give me a shout 😀

Anyway, here’s a handy link! https://thehobbitsinthestories.wordpress.com/about/beldrieth-of-lorien/

Do not point directly at face!

Welcome from CSTM!

Hello, anyone who’s joining me here via A Casual Stroll To Mordor’s very kind referral! You’ve caught me at the very beginning of sorting out my blog. As it’s my very first blog, and I’ve got a fair bit of content to shuffle around, perhaps not everything is obviously where it should be. So until I’m certain it all makes sense, here are a handful of things that may interest you.

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Parts 1-6 – The original story which ran on CSTM, if you’d like to give it a reread, or if you’re seeing it for the first time.

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Author’s Notes – My notes on the original story from CSTM–have any questions? I’ll be delighted to answer them here.

But a Day From Home – Part 1 – The first part of my new story!

Thank you again for joining me, and I hope you like what you find here 🙂


Outfitting Brassica

I love outfits. I am passionately fond of outfit blogs, Cosmetic Lotro, The LotroStylist, and LotroFashion particularly. The sharpness and style of all of the presentations that outfit bloggers has always been tremendously appealing to me, and I’ve dressed many of my toons in many of their outfits.  I’ve also admired the effort and technical mastery that goes into screenshotting and presenting all the creations they come up with–good screenshots are hard to take!


About Brassica!

Well, not that there’s much to be told about her–yet, anyway. This post can be find in dropdown menu for the about page, and in future it’ll be joined by brief biographies of my other toons/characters. For ease, here’s an additional link:


Hey, you blinked!

Mainly Concerning a Hobbit – Notes

The idea of mixing up elves and hobbits was the biggest one for me, when I started to actually think about putting pen to paper and write about my toons. In LotR and The Hobbit, the focus is mostly on Hobbits and Men, and Hobbits and Dwarves, respectively. Of lesser importance are the ancient bonds between the Elves and the Race of Man, and the mild (sometimes not so mild) enmity between the Elves and the Dwarves. Hobbits and Elves are kind of the polar opposites of the spectrum, and I wanted to see what they were like when put together.